Have a look at the childcare facilities we have available for your child in Stonehouse, Stroud.

Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud

Below you will find some information on the various daycare services and childcare facilities we have at Little Angels Day Nursery in Stonehouse. We have been awarded outstanding status by OFSTED so you can be assured of a high standard environment for your child.

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Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud
Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud
Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud
Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud


Nursery Rooms.

Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud

We have the following room types within the nursery:

Baby Department

We have a very cosy Baby Department that ensures your baby feels safe and secure in a homely environment. We have soft carpeted rooms with sofas to relax, enjoy a bottle or a lovely nurturing cuddle.

We endeavour to follow each individual babies routine from home to offer continuity in their care from bottle times to day time naps in our comfortable peaceful cot room.

A key person is assigned to each baby thus providing that ever important familiar face to bond with and share special nursery moments.

We strictly believe each child is an individual and from the onset encourage making choices, through a selection of snack choices or by offering a wide variety of toys in open boxes so each child can play with favourite toys to enhance learning.

In the babies room there is a wide variety of activities provided to cover the 7 areas of learning in the EYFS. They range from story time in our library for quiet time to body painting, water play for the more adventurous, caring for our plants to a abundance of outdoor activities in our huge garden that is full of exciting places to explore.

We encourage babies from an early age to enjoy the natural environment, full of nature and most importantly fresh air.

Toddler Rooms

The Toddler Department follows on from the Babies room with similar long standing staff and with a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children.

The room consists of a large sunny room looking out onto the garden. We have a fantastic indoor beach room where the children love digging in the sand or relaxing in the deck chairs. There is free flow outdoors to our amazing garden and our wonderful sensory area where the children love getting messy with the mud kitchen or splashing in the puddles from the running tap.

In the Toddler Department we have a wide range of activities from messy play such as play dough, painting, gloop and lots of cooking, to activites such as puzzles, train tracks or play house in the home corner plus many more to follow EYFS. We encourage children to make choices so all toys, books and activities are at their height for easy access.

We promote healthy eating in the Toddler department and all children are offered a variety of healthy snacks 3 times a day and lovely home cooked meals for lunch and tea.

Water is available all day for the children.

Two – three’s room

The 2-3 department is a spacious, well equipped room that promotes choice and independence in a variety of ways. With support from your child’s key person who are staff that have worked at the Nursery for a number of years and are dedicated to providing care and education to your child on their journey through their formative years.

We closely follow the EYFS to ensure each area of learning is met through a large variety of activities. There is a cosy book corner to share a quiet story, a home corner with real objects to promote imaginative play and lots of construction toys to encourage building towers and constructions.

Our toy boxes are easily accessible to ensure each individual is supported in making choices therefore independence is initiated.

Our snack and meal times are hugely dependent on choice and helping ourselves. We offer a variety of healthy snacks both indoors and outdoors. Lunches are put into dishes so with help children can serve themselves, a task we have found invaluable. Children are supported to wash and dry hands before meals and clean teeth after lunch.

We have lots of outdoor play in our large secure garden with lots of activities to choose from including helping in our vegetable garden.

All of these every day opportunities help to mould your child into the individual they will become at Nursery.

We in the 2-3 Department encourage children to be ready for their move to Pre School and through our nurturing care assist them with the skills they will need.

Pre-school Room

The Pre School room has it’s own separate entrance at the front of the building which allows them to have free flow both inside and out. This area also consists of a growing area where children plant and tend to the vegetables.

Pre school children are encouraged to be independent free thinkers, influencing their own planning and activities, which are supported by the highly skilled practitioners. The Pre school room has clearly defined areas including a role play area, a dedicated table for drawing and writing, a special area for creation, a scientific investigation area, a computer table and a cosy corner with cushions, books, soft toys and drapes.

The Pre school room is set out similar to a reception class to make the transition to school an easy one. Nestled in a small area of trees just to the rear of the room is the woodland area, complete with wooden hut and bug hotel.

This is a natural area, we do not take any commercial or conventional toys with us, we climb trees make mud pies and hunt around for seasonal changes and ‘mini beasts’.

We also make dens and us this as a story telling area that excites the children’s imagination.

The Pre School has close links with many primary schools in Stroud, Gloucester and Stonehouse to assist the children in making a smooth transition into school life. We encourage the children’s confidence to grow and learn to flourish through a huge variety of activities to prepare the children for school.

The children are encouraged to recognise and write their own names, count and recognise numerals 0-20, recognise shapes as well as having the confidence, independence and social skills to enjoy school. The Preschool has a number of yearly events to help this school transition including open and coffee mornings for teachers and other practitioners.

We provide each child with a transition record that provides teachers of each of the areas of development in the EYFS and the ways in which a child likes to learn.

As well as a variety of activities we offer, the Pre school children help to prepare the lunch.. This includes cutting up vegetables, mashing potatoes, making and rolling out pastry for pies and making home made burgers.

The children then lay the table for lunch with table cloths and flowers, knives, forks and china plates. The children then serve themselves lunch which promotes a huge amount of independence and helps promote healthy living and of course huge social possibilities.

The Pre school room is all about fun, excitement, having new experiences and learning through play providing children with skills and knowledge to become life long learners.

Cosy play Room

This is where our busy little angels have their afternoon snooze during the day. Each child has an individual nap mat and brings their special toy to cuddle. This room accommodates a large comfy sofa for story and song times or just time to relax and put your feet up! It is also stocked with role play equipment, puzzles and construction sets.

Dining Room / Art Room

It’s here that the children take turns cooking daily, making a wide range of goodies for their tea or to take home for you. You will be surprised what mouth watering delicacies they can produce!

This is also an art room where everyone can create a master piece (and a mess) to take home with them. Learning to handle and explore materials like sand, water, clay and dough aids a child’s understanding of volume and texture. With so much variety in this room including painting, chalking, modelling or a portrait of Dad, there is never a dull moment here.

Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud


Children’s Ball Pit Room.

Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud

On the second floor of the nursery is our large dedicated physical play area. The physical play area is stocked with:

  • Two ball pools
  • A toddler gym
  • Lots of bright soft play shapes
  • An extensive climbing frame apparatus

This room is a favourite with all age groups, here the children can have lots of fun, make noise and just be themselves. Popular all year round, it is great for releasing all that energy especially during wet weather and for promoting all areas of physical development.

Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud


Gardens and Play Areas.

Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud

We have a huge totally enclosed beautiful garden within a conservation area overlooking the canal.

The garden has an abundance of not only play equipment but also a soft bark area, a sensory area, mud pie kitchen, a vegetable garden where the children are all involved in the planting and watering of their vegetables. We encourage the children to get messy and dirty and therefore ask that they are sent in suitable clothing for outdoor play.

We encourage outdoor play all year round as we passionately feel that all children should be exposed to playing in a natural environment in the fresh air as much as possible.

In the summer all the children eat outside together and we also have days when all the sleeping children have a nap outside at lunch time.


Forest Area

This is behind our Pre school building and is a natural woodland. No commercial toys are taken into this area as children are encouraged under supervision and age ability to climb trees, hunt for bugs in our ‘Bug Hotel’, build dens and toast marshmallows on a open fire.

Forest school is such an adventure for children to enjoy on a daily basis.

Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud



Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud

All of our meals are prepared daily from fresh produce and ingredients by our experienced cook. It is all good home made food, full of the nutritional daily requirements that your child needs.

Examples are:

Toast & Cereals

Mid morning snack
Savoury muffins, fruit, cut up vegetables, crackers and dips.


  • Roast Chicken, home made fish fingers with potato wedges
  • Carrot and coriander soup with home made bread, chicken and bacon lasagne, fish pie. All served with fresh vegetables
  • Pre school room have a salad bar daily and the children take it in turns to choose the ingredients
  • A cooked pudding or seasonal fruit


Mid afternoon snack

  • Crackers and cheese, rice cakes with various toppings
  • Bread sticks, olives, cut up fruit and vegetables


  • Filled jacket potatoes, soup with crusty bread, cauliflower cheese, vegetable casserole, macaroni cheese
  • Salad bar in Pre school

All of the above are served with water and milk.

Water is available to the children all day.

Any child leaving before tea time can request a tea box to take home.

Little Angels Day Care & Nursery, Stonehouse, Stroud